Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Offer Was Accepted!

I am 25 years old and I've been saving money my entire life to one day say, I bought a house!!! Ok, I should really say my offer has been accepted and that if everything goes well, I would have bought a house. I know there are a lot of people getting into real estate so this blog will be just about that - my experience, tips, advice, etc.,

I've been looking for a house for about a month and made five offers thus far. My brother is a realtor and you would think that I have insider tips, but the truth is, it's been difficult working with him. He doesn't move as fast as I would want him to and that bothers me a lot. When you find a house online, you want your realtor to move on it in the next second or so....but they don't... and they don't.. and they call to find out an offer has been accepted. The two answers I would hear a lot are "This house has a lot of offers" or "The seller has picked an offer already." I just wanted to hear "Yes, this house is still available and waiting for your offer." And guess what? I did hear that answer, at the right time for the right house! And you will be able to, just have to be patient with a lot of prayer! Prayer is key and so is God's will.